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A Life on the Ocean Waves

Ships are cliquey places, and your life will revolve around your colleagues. In fact, you will not have a private life at all. You must be of a sociable temperament if you hope to survive.

Watch out for Pirates!
Watch out for Pirates!
Off-shore, most of your free time will be spent in the ship’s bars, lounges and discos. You’ll dance, you’ll drink, and you’ll take in the cabaret. On a cruise-ship, every night is a party, and you’re sure to wake up with a hang-over or two. Sexual escapades with colleagues or passengers are not unheard of either. A bad head could be the least you wake with up….

However, the real beauty of life on a ship is waking up in a different country each morning. There’s nothing like taking a coffee on deck, surveying the port before striking out into a new place. Be aware though, that you may or may not be required to stay on board, depending on your job. You’ll usually get some free time to disembark, but some employees, like casino staff, get much more than others. Be careful not to wander too far, and always check when the ship is due to depart – it won’t wait for you if you’re late. Overnight stops are generally infrequent, but they give you the opportunity to sample local night-life.

Living on a ship, however, is by no means a continual source of entertainment. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself on a small ship with people you don’t like, life could get miserable very quickly. Even on a big ship, everyone suffers boredom sometimes, particularly during long periods at sea. Be sure to pack a few books for those slower moments.