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Malaria is one of those diseases that adventurous travelers – and even many who don’t consider themselves to be intrepid explorers – need to be aware of. This section has several great articles with information you’ll need to know in order to become more educated about this potentially deadly disease before you talk with your doctor.

Which reminds us – most of you probably know that getting medical advice from a website shouldn’t be your last stop on the quest for knowledge, but it bears repeating. Not only are we not doctors in real life, we don’t even play doctor. (Well, not anymore.) Consider the malaria information you find here a good starting point for your research so that when you go in for your appointment with your regular physician (or, even better, a doctor at a travel medical clinic) you’ll be more well-informed and better able to understand what you’re being told as well as the ramifications of your choices.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you’ll find links to the malaria articles in this section listed below. A good place to start is the Malaria FAQ, but there’s plenty more information where that came from.