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We all know that airfare is going to take what is likely to be the biggest bite out of your wallet when it comes to your travels, so we think it makes sense to (a) do whatever you can to minimize the amount of cash the airlines get from you, and (b) be a well-informed passenger once you do book your ticket. So you’ll find a list here of resources we particularly like, both for learning about and finding great deals on airfare and for educating yourself about air travel in general. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, contact us with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Airfare Searches
Cheap Flights
BootsnAll’s airfare search for great deals on airline tickets all over the world. Search for your route, find the prices you want to pay, call our toll-free number and book your ticket. It’s that simple.Cheap International Air Tickets
If you know where you want to go, or where you’re flying from, but you’re flexible about when you want to go, then check out the low fares we’ve got available on international tickets.

RTW Tickets
Flexible, low-priced RTW and multi-continental plane tickets. Is it BootsnAll’s? Yep. Would we use it? Bet your pack we would.

Cheap Ticket Links
For those of you who are tired of having to visit umpteen gazillion different airfare websites to find a good deal, let us introduce you to our airfare comparison tool – you’ll get airfare results from lots of websites with one simple search.

Travel Deals
We’re collecting the travel deals from all over the web in one place, so you can scan the list and pick the one that inspires you without having to spend all day hunting online.

Budget travelers seem to like this website, and it’s easy to see why. Hotwire partners with top airlines to bring you great travel deals, including up to 40% off airfares.
You name the price, they find it, you pay, you fly, end of story. Priceline lets you search for fares on the basis of what you are willing to pay.

“If you can beat these prices, start your own damn airline.” A nice ballsy statement, from this standby-flight pass specialist.

Über-low fare searcher Orbitz was created out of a partnership between five major airlines. It’s always worth a gander when on the cheap.

The granddaddy of airline search sites, Travelocity offers flights, car rental and hotel bookings.

Other Resources
Round-the-World Travel Guide
Advice and info, how to plan a RTW trip, and even profiles from people who have and who are about to go around the world.On Open Tickets
Thinking of buying open tickets? Think again – it’s for your own good, says Edward Hasbrouck.

Airport/City Codes List
Course, it helps to know where you’re flying to and from. Find out here.

Airports (U.S.) & Ticketing –

A few air travel-related links, but most useful is the alphabetical listing of every U.S. airport.

Budget Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports
Budget so tight that even a hostel is out? Donna McSherry helps you decide which airports are kippable, and which aren’t good for shut-eye.
The airline equivalent of a Eurail pass. Fly around Europe, with virtually no restrictions. Passes are available only to those living outside Europe, though.
Airline route networks together in one place, for UK, Europe and US flights – find budget routes for bigger advantage in finding good airfare.

Advice for Aussies Flying RTW
Tips for Australians planning a round-the-world trip and how they can get good airfares.

“The first intelligence organization for the global travel industry” pumps out timely intelligence subscriptions that the public can use to avoid problems on the road.

International Airport Guides
Guides to major airports in US and world cities, for business and leisure travelers with a focus on the efficient use of airports.

JohnnyJet’s Travel News & Tips
Once afraid of flying, now Johnny travels 100,000+ miles a year, and his site overflows with air travel resources.

Airline Alliance Listings
Almost all airlines belong to partnerships that share airline miles, among other things – learn which airlines are in alliance with who from this list.

Travel Library Airport Guides
Bringing you connection times and costs for all modes of transport, airport facilities and activities near the airport.