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Travel Blogs

Below you will find links to sites that offer useful blogs where travellers can swap information and talk with one another. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, contact us with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Australia Blog
Can’t ya hear that thunder? Check up on life in Oz with tips and experiences from Down Under.

Travel Gear Blog
Rants and reviews on all things travel gear – in English, not gear-geek.

Written Road
The inside scoop to Jen Leo’s travel publishing world, from publishing books to contacts in the industry.

What goes on behind the screen at BootsnAll. Check out office goings-on, meeting up with travelers, and all things travel and BootsnAll.

Eurail Blog
Some great resources for those looking to plan a Eurtailing adventure.

BootsnAll Travel Blogs
BootsnAll offers its members their own travelblog for free. See where everyone’s travelling to, or sign up for your own travelblog.

Bali Blog
Travel Nutter Nick opened a new BootsnAll office in Indonesia, in Jan. 2003. Meet the locals and the travelers, and see the travel scoop on this awesome island.

London Blog
Rants from a Prisoner of Mother England, on everything from the London travel scene to the headlines to last night’s match. Have a pint while reading. On the Road

The BootBus is chuggin’ along, and we’re pluggin’ along the keyboard, keeping everyone up to date on the BootBoyz’ latest road trip.