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Camera Gear

Many travelers wouldn’t consider traveling without some form of photography equipment, whether it’s a simple point-and-shoot camera or an entire suitcase full of camera gear. And although the camera has come a long way since the days of glass plates, medium format, and even the old Brownie, there’s still the opportunity to bring along lots of camera gear with you if you want to.

In the market for some camera gear? We’ve reviewed lots of camera gear so you have a better idea of what you’re buying before you hand over your hard-earned cash – including a comparison of 10 of the most popular waterproof digital cameras out there.

This section includes articles about whether or not you should even bring a camera with you, the pros & cons of bringing a video camera, and some photography tips for travelers. And if you think we’re missing something that should be covered here, you can either send us a note to tell us about it, or write about it yourself and send it in!

For more information on how to improve your travel photography once you’ve got all the cool gear, be sure to check out our 10 travel photography tips, too.