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Currency Converter

We’re not mathematicians. We’re travelers. And besides, who can keep up with the ever-changing currency market, anyway? We certainly can’t, and we don’t imagine you want to spend your time on it, either. We all have better things to do with our time – like travel, for instance.

So anytime you’re curious about what the going rate is for pesos to pounds, euros to yuan, or dollars to dinar – just hop on over to the BootsnAll Currency Converter. It’s easy to use, and it provides instant information that’s up-to-date. Bookmark the site so you can find it quickly on your computer, and you can even email it to yourself so you can check currencies with the same ease from any internet cafe in the world.

Now, if you don’t like the results you get, we’re sorry – we can’t help you there. Perhaps you can work it out so your next paycheck comes in British Pounds?

Yeah, well, it was worth a try.