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Drugs and Alcohol

Drinking is a large part of the backpacker culture. It is common for groups of travelers to hang out at the hostels and drink or to go out and explore the nightlife scene. There is nothing wrong with participating, however, make sure you know your limits. No one wants to hold your hair back if you are getting sick on the side of the road, let alone someone you just met. Although some Western cultures may find public intoxication only mildly offensive, other cultures abstain from alcohol all together. Respect local laws and customs.

Like at home, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your drink. Only accept a drink directly from the bartender or a server. Keep in mind that local drinks may have significantly higher alcohol percentages. Be aware that light beer does not mean the same thing in every country. For example, in Australia, light beers have a lower percentage of alcohol. Light beers in the U.S.A. have a lower number of calories.

Do not rely on others to get you back to your hostel safely. They may leave early, or you may become separated. Make sure you know the name and address of where you are staying. That way you can ask for directions or tell a cab where to go, if need be.

While on the road, you may be offered illicit drugs. You may find yourself in a country where a drug that is illegal in your home country can be bought legally and cheaply. We believe it is your decision to decide if you wish to do drugs, however, there are numerous health and safety issues. If you are caught in possession of illegal drugs, you may be subject to persecution in that country. For example, in Greece, any amount of marijuana can land you in prison with a minimum of a seven-year sentence. Believe us, you don’t want to spend the rest of your trip in jail.