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Eco Travel Guide

More and more people are realizing that a love of travel doesn’t have to conflict with one’s environmentalism. Sure, there are ecological costs to just about every mode of travel, but there are not only ways to lessen your environmental impact when you travel – there are also ways to give back to the world as you’re enjoying a vacation.

This section deals with some of the questions that come up about eco travel, or ecotourism, including what it is and some things you’ll want to consider before you book an “eco friendly” trip. After all, the last thing you want to discover when you get home is that your attempts to do the world some good weren’t eco at all.

We’ve also got some articles here by people who have done some ecotourism, so you can read about their personal experiences. And if you’ve got some eco travel information that you think should be featured here, please let us know about it – we’re also always happy to receive your travel stories, if you’ve been on an eco trip that you think others should know about!