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Finding a Gay-Friendly Hostel

On the road, the last thing a traveler should have to worry about is finding acceptance where they lay their head. However, for gay travelers, especially gay couples, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There may be plenty of hostels in Sydney that are gay-friendly, however, how do you find a hostel in the Middle East or a conservative part of Asia? Here are a few tips:

Do your research: A number of online resources offer gay owned and gay-friendly hotel listings, such as BluWay. In these cases, the hostels and hotels that are listed are ones that requested to be on the site and have an open door policy. Even if you decide not to book in advance, you can still see what options are available.

Ask around: Gay and non-gay travelers alike can pick up on hostel vibes. Check out the message boards and see if that hostel you had your eye on is full of laid back 20-somethings or conservative families who would rather be at Disney.

Look for the signs: The purple triangle and multicolored flags are usually good indicators that a hostel or hotel is gay-friendly. Most saavy travelers (gay and straight) know what these mean and if they choose to stay there, chances are they’re open minded.

Safety in numbers: If you’re especially concerned about staying in gay-friendly accommodation, find out what hotels and hostels are located in the gay districts. For instance, there is a large grouping of London hostels in Soho.

Finally, wherever you decide to stay, trust your instincts. Of something doesn’t feel right or comfortable, leave. There are plenty of places the world over that would love you have your business.