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Gay Tours Explained

People both gay and straight have varying ideas of what makes up a gay tour. Is it only for gay people? Do you only visit gay attractions? Are all of your accommodations in gay Central London hostels in Soho and away from any scary and weird straight people? The truth is, it varies depending on tour provider, destination and what you want.

There are a few big wigs in gay travel – and the BluWay network. Each boast of activities around the world for gay and lesbian singles and couples. Each tour is different, so it’s best to decide where you want to go before you start looking at options. Of course, there may be destinations you wish to visit that do not have organized tours.

Often times, a gay tour focuses around one premise: travels with other gay and lesbians. A trip may be open to only one sex, or couples. Make sure to inquire before you book.

Most commonly, a tour group will stay in gay-friendly housing, especially if there are a lot of options like hostels in Sydney Australia. A particular emphasis may be made to stay at gay-owned accommodations, and to visit gay-owned restaurants and businesses. If this is important requirement, ask how the company picks the places they offer patronage.

Gay cruises are especially popular travel offerings. They frequently visit places that have large gay populations, or are open and accommodating of the lifestyle. It is not common for these cruise ships to visit areas that are especially conservative or offer harsh judgments, although it is possible you will still encounter these attitudes, no matter where you travel.