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GLBT Travel Guide

There used to be a time when knowing which were the gay-friendly bars, hotels and night clubs was a matter of personal safety – and while the number of destinations where that’s still true is much smaller than it used to be, it’s still an issue that GLBT travelers need to be aware of. Besides, just as expats tend to congregate together with other people from their home nation (even if they’re enjoying their host nation), sometimes it’s just nice to know where you can go and be surrounded by people just like you.

Toward that end, in this section you’ll find resources for gay and lesbian travelers – including how to find a gay-friendly hotel, a little bit about what to expect from gay tours, and some travel guides that are geared specifically to the GLBT traveler. If you think there’s an important issue being overlooked here, we’d love to have your input on it. And if you’ve got a personal travel story or some travel tips you’d like to share that would benefit other gay or lesbian travelers, by all means write it up and send it in!