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Travel Health Links & Online Resources

Below you will find links to sites that we think offer good information about staying healthy while on the road and what to do if you get sick. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, send contact us with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Travel Health Information

Centers for Disease Control
Just as you’d expect, the CDC’s Travelers’ Health section is jam-packed with health information on specific destinations – it’s what you need to know before you go.

The Travel Clinic
Everything you need to know about travel and related health matters. If there’s a subject you cannot find, they probably have a link to it.

The International Association for Medical Assistance for Travellers. Free membership (though they appreciate donations) and pretty cool benefits.

The Travel Doctor: Your Guide to Staying Healthy While You Travel

Dr. Mark Wise addresses health concerns confronting today’s business and leisure traveler in a comprehensive, common-sense way.

The Pocket Doctor: A Passport to Healthy Travel
A little 126-page guide to dealing with all kinds of little ailments you might encounter on the road, “from appendicitis to rabies,” written by Dr. Stephen Bezruchka.

Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad
Useful info for all aspects of travel health, as well as travel clinics in the UK.

Travel Medicine Consultants
Site with good advice on precautions before you leave; the company also has a TravelMed Kit you can buy with all kinds of travel-sized first-aid stuff.

Travel Health Online
Shoreland provides destination information coupled with facts on travel-related ailments, as well as travel health services worldwide.

WHO – Travel
World Health Organization’s comprehensive breakdown of potential hazards to travelers by country.

Travel Health Articles

Healthy Travel
Some practical things to think about, from one traveler to another.

IAMAT – Avoiding Medical Disasters
This is one traveler’s list of why he’s used IAMAT’s services for years, and why you might want to as well.

Precautions Against Malaria
You might not think about malaria where you live, but it’s a major concern in many parts of the world. These are some great things to think about before you travel to any of those places.

Travel Insurance

BootsnAll Travel Insurance
The prices on these packages are pretty reasonable, and insurance also means no more worries over what to do if you get sick or injured while abroad.