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How To Travel Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how on earth those savvy travelers you keep reading about got to be so smart, we can tell you the answer – they either made a helluva lot of mistakes of their own on the way to travel enlightenment, or they read our “how to” articles. It’s really that simple.

Okay, so we’re exaggerating a little bit – but the truth is that while some travel bloopers can make great stories later on, you don’t need to make the same mistakes everyone else has already made. You can learn from their missteps and have a better travel experience because of it. Plus, that gives you an opportunity to make new and exciting travel mistakes of your very own!

In this section, you’ll find lots of great “how to” travel articles that answer some of those age-old travel questions everyone asks: How do you plan out an itinerary? How do you find time to yourself when you’re traveling in a group? How do you blend in abroad? And just how do you wash clothes in a sink, anyway?

Many of these articles are written by real travelers just like you who have decided to share their hard-earned knowledge – so while they may not be the only way to accomplish these things, they’re certainly travel tested. If you’ve got a “how to” article you’d like to send us, we’d love to have it!