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Introduction to Living and Working on Cruise Ships

As the world’s most luxurious form of transport, cruise-ships are the very epitome of glamour and romance. Every year, more and more passengers are enticed on board, all in search of unforgettable experiences. Some are drawn by the promise of first-class service. Others crave all-out hedonism. The allure of exotic places is enough to attract many. Yet others are drawn by the grandeur of the ship itself.

Richard Arghiris on the High Seas
Richard Arghiris on the High Seas
For many, the chance to work on a cruise-liner seems like a dream come true. What better way to see the world than in first-class comfort, earning a tax-free wage?

Yet if you actually spend any time on the job, you will soon learn that the reality is quite different. You might find those luxury facilities out of bounds, and the closest you get to a jaccuzi is a lukewarm shower. You could discover that your working shifts have a tendency to clash with the evening cabaret and disco. Those exotic places might not be as interesting as you hoped, and the ship itself, well, it could be slightly tacky.

None of that really matters though. Spend a season on a ship, and you’re likely to walk away with some unique memories. You’ll make friends from all around the world, and undoubtedly expand your story-telling repertoire. As you won’t be paying rent or grocery bills, you can also expect to come home with a large packet of savings. Throw in a whole host of souvenirs, duty-free products, and a deep, long-lasting sun-tan, you’ve got every reason to sign up for the job….