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So, fancy yourself a traveller? Sure, you can pack the pack and trek the trek – but can you talk the locals’ talk? You should always at least know survival phrases ("Where’s the hostel?" "How much is beer?"). Learning a language, too, greatly enriches your travels. Below are links to sites we think can help you out. If you’ve found a site that we should include here, please contact BootsnAll with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Products & Programs

Language Learning Center
The fastest, easiest way to learn a new language. CD and online courses provide the most effective, interactive instruction available, anytime, anywhere.
A specialist in translation products, from electronic pocket translators to software to cassette courses.


Learn Spanish whilst studying, living and travelling through Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central or South America.

This long-time lingual source for travellers provides "self-study language instruction and cross-cultural training," such as phrase books and travel guides.

Foreign Languages for Travelers
In’s two-step process, select your native tongue, then which one of 74 languages you’d like to learn.

Irish Language Courses
Learn the Irish, in Ireland, starting with Oideas Gael’s site. Also answer all your questions with a detailed FAQ.

Languages Abroad
People from around the world can go around the world to study the language of their choice.

Living Language
This site from Fodor’s and Random House uses categorized lists to teach useful, travel-related phrases from French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Phrase Books
A BootsnAll listing of language and phrase books, organized by continent and available for online purchase.


Other Resources

AltaVista Translations
Paste in any block of text or – and this is what we like – any URL, select your languages, and press ‘Translate.’ Fast, handy and pretty accurate.

The Alternative Dictionaries
"Read and input words… not normally included in dictionaries." Want to curse in Swedish? Then also check out the cool link list.

Provides translations between many major languages. Also offers translation services and tools for businesses and individuals.

How to Swear in Foreign Languages
Learn those really handy things the books don’t tell. And if you don’t like it…
Non-lexicographical words (colloquialisms, webspeak, slang). Have a few verbarian creations of your own? You can also submit entries.

The Rosetta Project
Native speakers and linguists are creating a permanent archive, a Rosetta stone, of over 1,000 of the world’s languages – many of which, they suspect, will not be spoken in 100 years.


The Queen’s English is fine – if you’re the Queen. Here’s it for the rest of us.

A non-profit supporting the world’s linguistic diversity and indigenous languages through research, information, applied work, and advocacy.