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Resources & Links for Women Travelers

Below you will find links to sites that offer resources specifically for female travelers. If there’s a site you think is really useful and we don’t have it listed here, send us an email with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Sights and Soul Travels
Going with a group: tours for women.

Journey Woman
Lots of resources, stories and a network for women travelers.

Walking Women
Walking holidays for women in the UK and abroad.

Wild Women Expeditions
Wilderness canoe trips and getaways in Canada for groups of women.

Women Traveling Together
Escorted, all-inclusive tours in small groups for women of all ages.

Devi Outdoor
Specializes in clothing and equipment for women who are interested in climbing and mountaineering.

Gutsy Women Travel
Offering trips to destinations all over the world, from general travel to subject-specific (like shopping, gardens, food, etc.).

Women’s Travel Tips
A website full of great tips for women in articles written by women, with topics ranging from business travel to homestays to RTW travel.

Adventures in Good Company
Outdoor and wilderness adventure trips for women.

Women’s Travel Club
They organize 50-60 structured trips every year just for small groups of women to locations all over the world. You must be a member to join one of the trips.

Adventure Women
A pioneer in women’s vacations and adventure travel, the trips are for “active women over 30” and there are several destinations all over the world.

Senior Women’s Travel
These trips are for women 50 and over with a passion for travel.

Transitions Abroad Women Travel Portal
The well-respected travel magazine’s online resource for women travelers.