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Maps and Directions Links

Below you will find links to sites that we think offer good maps, directions and ways to find your path. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, please contact BootsnAll with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Maps & Directions

World Factbook Maps

Great selection of the CIA’s public domain PDF reference maps.

Figure out point-to-point routes and facilities along the way for your next road trip.
The name says it all. Buy maps here.

In addition to driving directions and the like, there are also travel guides and live traffic reports for different cities.

Features include MyMapBlast: save your favorite maps, addresses and trips.

How Far Is It?
Has a cool search tool that calculates the distance between any two cities.

Other Resources

NASA’s Visible Earth
Atmospheric, biospheric, cryospheric, oceanic – see your world, and different aspects of it, through this innovative NASA site.

National Geographic Map Machine
Cool plasma maps, courtesy of National Geographic’s mapping engine.

MSN Terra Server
Use this terraserver to locate many areas in North America. Very cool.

University of Texas Map Library
Tons of maps, both current and historical, all on-line. Also has links to other map sites.