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Money Links

Unfortunately, we don’t have any links that will increase your travel budget. If and when we figure out how to make money grow on trees, we’ll be sure to pass that information along. In the meantime, however, the sites listed below – for currency converters, traveler’s checks and locations of ATMs worldwide – might help you manage your cash a little better. And who knows – maybe you’ll be able to stretch it through one extra country.

If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, contact us with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Currency Converter
Comprehensive and easy-to-use converter with hundreds of currencies.

X-Rates Calculator
Very simple calculator with limited currencies.

Universal Currency Converter
Currency info on 180 currencies for those hard-to-find exchanges.

Visa Card ATM Locator
Find Visa card ATM’s worldwide, not to mention some other useful card info.

Mastercard ATM Locator
Same as above for Mastercard, Maestro and Cirrus cards.