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Moving to San Miguel de Allende: Introduction & Table of Contents

Kathleen Bohne
Kathleen Bohne

On May 9th of 2000, 15-year-old Kathleen Bohne, her mom (who grew up in Mexico City), and her three younger sisters embarked on a grand adventure: they went to live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

A 450-year-old colonial town of 100,000, located in the cradle of Mexican independence, San Miguel became their home for six months. The following are excerpts from the journal Kathleen kept while there. Hopefully they will open your eyes to an enchanting place and inspire you to experience it for yourself.

You can email Kathleen at Follow her and her family’s travels via the links below.

Chapter 1: Journey & Arrival
In her first entry, Kathleen uses a boring flight to get to know the history of a town that was the birthplace of Mexican independence.

Chapter 2: La Vida Mexicana
One month, a new house, and not a single night without fireworks – plus the Dia de las Locos is fast approaching, and people are making costumes like crazy.

Chapter 3: The Purple Villa
Moving day introduces the girls to quite possibly the least macho man in Mexico. He’s a good laugh though.

Chapter 4: Bellas Artes & Quirky Expatriates

The girls have gotten to know many of the native insects, as well as the expat art students at the Bella Artes where they spend much of their time.

Chapter 5: El Rancho
Good food, a search for turtles, and wonderful people – Kathleen hasn’t had this much fun since, well, yesterday.

Chapter 6: Bulls, & the End of the Adventure
The runnings of the bulls is nothing compared to the crowds during San Miguels’ festive September.