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Mussels in Brussels

When I was in Brussels in the summer of 2000, I had 2 Canadian roommates – Jamie and Jillian. They were really cool, and one night, we all had a hankering for mussels. Yes, we had heard that the mussels were very delicious here.

We found an area of town near the Grand Place – a cobblestone pathway with rows and rows of restaurants – the street was called Rue des Bouchers. Here, there are hosts standing outside of the restaurants trying to lure you in. You may be able to cut a deal as well. We looked at one place, tried to bargain, but got a better deal at a restaurant called Le Moulin. The host offered us free wine along with our dish of mussels and fries at a discounted price. I paid less than $4 USD for that meal! The food was so good. They brought out a big pot of mussels each, for the 3 of us. I’ve never tasted mussels like that before!

I decided to go back to Belgium for spring break of 2001 because I was amazed by the country from the previous summer, I had to go back. Plus, I wanted some more of those yummy mussels!

Eating at Le Moulin
Eating at Le Moulin
One night, I went to find my old restaurant, Le Moulin. I found it, and the host remembered me. So he dragged me in for a free drink, and said, “God bless America.” Haha. I thought it was so funny. Anyhow, I ended up pimping myself out for a free dinner. Well, it ended up that he was the manager, and gave me 4 special French wines with orange liquer, and it was good. It hit me pretty fast. So anyways, he wanted to chat with me, so he told me to sit out front, where they have displays of seafood and paella. Then he was, eat, and would fill up my plate with the seafood and paella. It was really good!

Well, he asked me where I was staying, I lied…I started to get creeped out when he asked me where I was staying, and what room number. I had remembered the name of a different hostel in town, and said I was staying there, and made up a room number. Then he told me that he had to work late, but wanted to see me again, and asked me to meet me at the Chaloupe d’Or (a bar in the Grand Place) at midnight. He wanted to show me the city (at midnight??). Well, I was very reluctant, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I just lied and said I would meet him there…After dinner, I told him I had to go, and would meet him later.

I was already drunk at the time, by myself, and it was late in the night – not the greatest situation to be in! Luckily, I had enough senses to walk myself back to the hostel with no problems. Although I did feel akward, I kept on looking around, making sure no one was following me. Needless to say, I got back to the hostel, turned in, and avoided the Rue des Bouchers area for the rest of my stay.