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In this section you will find useful information on how to get work overseas; on visas and embassies; organisations that allow you to live/work in different countries; and fun stuff that we didn’t know where else to put.

The Art of Bartering

Colleen Dilts has compiled a set of guidelines to finding the best price when traveling and when at home. Read her ‘golden rule’ and get ready to shop.

How To Travel For Free
Aaron O’Sullivan can’t tell you why a Muslim man in a Muslim country was keeping pigs. But he can tell you this. It was ABSOLUTELY FREE and Operation Three’s Company was a success.

Ode to a Backpack
The lady who washed David Kessler’s backpack announced afterwards that she imagined hints of his life were seeping out from its pores to be seen by her.

Ships Ahoy! Bound for Never-Never Land
Sarah Greenbaum goes where calories mean nothing, cash is nonexistent, and the bingo is non-stop: a 6-day cruise.

After 15 months on the road a strange feeling keeps creeping up on Kelly Sobczak, but what is it, and when will it overwhelm?

While I’m Young
What would happen if standing in lines made you younger? Bob Pedersen couldn’t help but wonder, while in one of many queues he braved on his RTW trip.

The Glamour of Flying
While flying trans-Atlantic, Sean Fitzmorris wonders if all this air travel rot is really worth it. In two parts.

Hotel Room Connection Tips
Connecting a laptop to a hotel room phone system can have pitfalls, but Christopher Gleize steers you clear.

How to Plan a Trip Online
Lots of links to resources that will help you get information vital to planning your big trip.

Adventures and Hard Lessons in Travel Writing
Brad Newsham discusses his experiences in publishing and his semi-serious plans to teach a course for would-be writers, entitled: Stop Writing Now!.

Foreign Voltage Systems
Christopher Gleize explains how not to be shocked by foreign electricity.

Disturbing the Peace
Sleepy? Craig Guillot has a bedtime story for you, a whodunit of mystery and suspense. Nighty night, don’t let the gringos bite!

Rick Steves Makes Stop in Eugene
In two hours, Rick Steves gave 20 years’ worth of advice for the budget and independent traveler going to Europe.