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Other Travelogues

Other Travelogues

Below you will find links to sites that offer tales of other travelers’ trips and exploits. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, send an email with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful to:

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Tire Tracks
This Dutch-American Tire Tracks expedition team will bring you along (from planning to on-the-road) on their two year, overland journey from Casablanca to Cape Town to Cairo. Start date: early 2005.


Eurail Blog
From planning to railing all over Europe, follow this Eurailing adventure.

Sauntering 2000
Dan Bachmann is on an extended trip through Europe and North Africa.

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Journal entries and photos from 4 continents (and counting). Adam Katz is currently traveling overland from Tanzania to Moscow and starting a new career as a travel writer.

Not Workin’
More than 11 months and nearly 50,000 miles of travel, Michael and Janna have completed their RTW trip and have heaps of journal entries and photos.

One Year, One World
Winston & Jennifer Yeung have a very nice looking site to journal their RTW trip. They have some fantastic photos and they update their blog frequently.

1 Giant Leap
Visually amazing site, for two guys recording “a 12 chapter DVD film/album celebrating the creative diversity of different cultures and the unity that runs through it all.”

Amy & Traci’s World Tour
Built on the road from smokey internet cafes, the girls hope you can learn from their travel tips and mistakes.

Around the World in 80 Clicks
Boris Kester’s site is dedicated to traveling with hundreds of pictures and stories from all over the world.

Backpackers Without Borders
Stories on various and sundry travels. Also keep up with a year-long RTW trip that began Feb. 2001.

Chocolate Nomad
In Feb 2000, Chris D decided, "being the impulsive fellow I am," to travel ’round the world for 14 months, to learn more about the world, about faith and religion, and about himself.

Dan & Jen’s Round the World Trip
Two late-20 something Brits give their irreverent look at Asia/ Aus/ NZ/ South America, while travelling around the world for a year.

Dom & Jane on the Road
From packing list to itinerary to travelogue, also find out about this couple’s radio interview and the belly.


“A couple of travel nuts travelling across 6 continents for 1 year to explore the roots of marriage.” They also marry in the local tradition whenever possible – 8 times, so far.

Emergency Exit
“Why have a young-life crisis quietly when you can have one loudly?” Exactly. Laid-off and reeling, these 2 people took up a Mac and hit the door.

Emirates Travellers
15 men from the UAE who, reportedly, are “first team travel around the world by car.

Hitch-hike the World
Kinga and Chopin have set out to see the world, hitchhiking as their only source of transport.


Gregg and Evelyn travelled for 14 months starting April 1999. Cool site of an awesome trip with lots of pics.

Middle of Everywhere
An attorney and a paranormal investigator got sick of not just New Jersey, but of the NE U.S. After seeing the world, they plan to move to the U.S.’ west coast. We at BootsnAll empathize.

Our Really Big Adventure
Caelen and Barbara globe it for adventure activities, from rock climbing to snowboarding and ice climbing. Covers India, Nepal, SEA, New Zealand and South America.

The Rettigs’ Around-the-World Adventure
A San Diego couple tackles the world for one year. Site also has a great trip planning section.

Rhymer’s Travel Diary
“A new look for old rubbish” with funny yet informative entries about Rhymer’s RTW trip, and the pix are pretty sweet too.

Travels With a Spousal Unit
“Roses are red, violets are blue.
We tied the knot in Kathmandu.
He is stoned, she has diarrhea.
Was this his or her idea?”

On October 3, 2000 Kristi and Johan De Vadder gave it all up to spend a year traveling around the world. Their website is to keep friends and family, other travelers, and generally voyeuristic web-surfers informed on their big trip.

Where in the World is Bob Jack?

It’s a multiple-choice question that has 62 possible answers – and at least 35 more will be added over the next two years.

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South America

Live a Little
For 365 days Heleen and Laurent will leave the security and comfort of their cosy Belgian life to travel around South America.

North America

5 Million Steps
Follow a lone hiker attempting to hike the U.S.’ famous, nefarious Appalachian Trail, from Springer Mtn., Georgia, to Mt. Katahdin, Maine.

RoadTrip America
These guys have been working while on the road since 1994. Inspiration for those that dream of a mobile office.

Russell’s Big Adventure
Russell Ferrier takes the motorbike ride of a lifetime: an 8,400-mile journey across the southern USA.

Travels with Samantha
Philip Greenspun’s summer “…seeing North America, meeting North Americans, and trying to figure out how people live”.

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Me and Chairman Mao
Jason Barbacovi lives in Beijing, China. Sometimes he makes fun of it, sometimes it makes fun of him. Either way, it gets blogged. Awesome photos.

162 Days in the East
Arno and Janine are taking off on an extended tour of the Middle East in their camper.

Asian Cycling Adventure
Joanne Sandrin and BootsnAll writer Graydon Hazenberg left in Jan. 2001 to cycle Asia for at least a year. Follow their journey and check out their photos.

Ayse and Jan’s Travelspot
From Turkey to Iran, Pakistan to Laos, this Belgian family (kids too) love a good road trip, and they’ve got the pictures to prove it.

The Dennis Bergkamp Trail
Goal: In 9 months, get to the World Cup in Japan and Korea without flying. Hope: That these footy fans footing over Eurasia will meet them up with others, and will inspire other fans to head to the World Cup.

Nepal & India: Three Months in the Boonies
Lei Parker’s 2000 trip has resulted in the ultimate in bookmarkable travel reading. Curl up with a cuppa for this one – night after night after night.
John Berns set out to travel the world, but only made it to SE Asia. He’s still there.

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Impressions from bicycle travels
Visual stories from America and Asia. Basically a non-commercial bicycle tour photo site. Graphic intensive for folks with dial-up.

Adam McIntosh
He used to live in a treehouse in Scotland, but now Adam has packed his telescopic didgeridoo and donned his kilt to travel North America and the Pacific.

Far & Near
Travel stories with the purpose of promoting cultural preservation and sustainable development. There are also articles about preservation and assistance programs around the world, as well as the arts.

Gone Walkabout
Plenty of articles and travelogues from Sean Connolly’s travels.
Travelogues from every continent, as well as highlighted most popular reads.


Jan Bruyndonckx talks about his journeys to various countries and his hobbies (climbing, paragliding, etc.) plus philosophy – and sarongs.

Vesa’s Travelogue and Photo Book
Site has hundreds of photos from Thailand, Hungary, Lithuania and many other countries. All pictures thumbnailed and with descriptions.

World Hum
“Describes the rush that we feel when we travel, a surge of adrenaline, electricity, and sometimes, on this ever-shrinking planet, connection.”

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