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Q and A with Deborah Busch of Hello Traveler

What is

It’s an internet retailer that specializes in journals, photo albums, scrapbooks & embellishments and photo display items for the traveler. We are also creating some unique custom items, like personalized picture frames.

Our ultimate goal is for Hello Traveler to be the place that you want to visit before you begin a trip….to select a great travel journal, and after you return… choose from any number of picture display options whether it’s an album or a frame for the wall.

What inspired you to start

I’m laughing because no doubt one of the reasons is that I used to be the worst as far as keeping good travel notes and actually getting my pictures out of the developers envelopes! But, now I’m reformed. And I also knew there were others out there that wanted to do a better job of chronicling their travels but no one had yet collected all of the wonderful tools to help make it possible. Plus, I just don’t even know how to put into words how much I love to travel and I knew I would be “home” if I could find a way to create a business related to it.

What are your most popular products?

Well, most people are aware that scrapbooking is a hugely popular hobby. I enjoy it myself and it’s so much more eye-catching and fun to use travel-themed elements. Seriously, you should see people’s faces when you plop a finished scrapbook in their lap after they’ve asked to see your trip photos, they’re amazed. The scrapbook tells a story the way a photo album never can. Scrapbooks & kits do well. But, guys like the themed photo albums.

And, people are drawn to the journals. Interestingly, I think the blog phenomenon has fueled more desire for paper journals also. The opportunity to read about other traveler’s experiences online has made people realize that they want to keep their own notes and memorable stories. But most people don’t carry a computer in their backpack.

Why do you think people can benefit from the products offered on Hello Traveler?

Because our goal is to make it easy for you.

What I mean is this: Hello Traveler has journals that function as journals should, plus they look cool! We have several complete scrapbook kits and some coordinated combinations of albums and papers, so that with just the click of a button, you can receive an attractive and easy way to display your travel photos. The picture frames are a no-brainer. AND, this is very important, I am relentless about value. Having looked at literally thousands of products, what you see on that website was chosen because the price fits the quality and design. Period.

What makes different from other travel-product sites?

In all the research I’ve done you won’t find another one like it. Not with this particular focus or combination of products. (And is any other website with any of these categories owned by someone who has travel in their blood, like I do? This I ask you.)

Any other notes, thoughts, etc?

I’m just thrilled, like a monkey up a tree, to be doing this. I never tire of travel stories, ideas and images and look forward to creating pages for the site where customers can upload scrapbook layouts and photo arrangements to share. And we’ll be adding useful articles and info about journaling, photography, display and more. Memories, friends. After the journeying itself…….it’s all about the memories.

Anyone who learns about from Bootsnall will receive a retro mini-portfolio, like the one on the website, that holds 14 pics (retail $4) when they order over $20.00 of product by installing Boots05 in the coupon field when checking out. Yippee.