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Q and A with Stacey Tearne of SpaceAdventures

Stacey Tearne works in marketing for Space Adventures, a space tourism company – one of the first entrants in the new market.

What is Space Adventures?

Space Adventures, the world’s leading space experiences company, is the only company to have sent private citizens in space. The company also offers a full-range of spaceflight training from Zero-Gravity and supersonic jet flights to simulators of rocket launch/re-entry and space walks. For more information, please visit

What kind of traveller seeks a trip with Space Adventures?

Most of our clients are the adventurous sort. Those who look beyond and who want to explore the final frontier. All humans have always had the desire to explore and learn – we need to inspire our children and our children’s children to embrace the desire.

How do you see space travel growing in the future?

Years from now, we anticipate suborbital spaceflight to revolutionize aviation travel as we know it today. Flights from NYC to Tokyo could be 45 minutes instead of 14 hours.

Why should people travel to space now instead of waiting?

Why wait? Life is short, live today. Become a member of the now exclusive group of humans who have traveled to space. Less than 500 — and out of that number, there have only been two paying customers.

What do you say to people who are concerned about safety issues?

We realize that there are risks involved with spaceflight and so do our clients. But, then again there are risks associated with everyday life — crossing the street, driving, etc. Our clients have been transported to the International Space Station on the most reliable rocket ever created, the Soyuz. The suborbital vehicles will also be safe for commercial passengers, but there will always be risks involved.