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Share Your Travel Experiences

After a trip, no matter how many places you saw and no matter how long you were gone, usually your head’s a bit done in. So much has happened to you, and more often than not you’re just not quite the same person coming home as you were when you left. You’ve experienced many things, and you probably like to share your stories, partly to swap yarns, but also to help other people interested in travel. So much of what travelers learn, after all, they learn from each other.

Our community wants to hear your stories, so listed below are a few ways you can use BootsnAll to share the experiences and knowledge you’ve gained. Check it out – read over some of the stories other writers and travelers have sent us, look at what Insiders do, or hang out on the discussion boards. See where your own story can fit in. We hope to hear from you soon – and welcome back!

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Want to Write?

Writing is one of the best ways to share your experiences. Our options are many, from stories to travelogues to regional guides. You can also write about other aspects of travel; share your advice, your expertise, your sense of humor. You write it, we’ll find a place for it on our site.

Become a BootsnAll Insider

What better way to get your questions answered, than to ask someone who knows that place well? That’s what Insiders do: they’re experts on places they either live in or have traveled extensively. It’s a great way to help other travelers, and to meet new and interesting people.

BootsnAll Message Boards

Travelers come here to ask questions, to get other people’s opinions. Now, you’ve made the trip – you have the pack and the passport stamps to prove it. On the boards travelers can interact and share information, and those who "have been there" are invaluable to these discussions.

Talk About Your Experiences With…

We have special sections set up throughout BootsnAll where travelers recount their experiences on different nuts-and-bolts aspects of traveling. They fill out a pretty painless form, send it in, and then we put it online so other travelers can learn from you. You can fill out surveys on: