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Solo Travel Guide

Whether by choice or because you don’t have a choice, you’re about to set off on a trip all by yourself. Some people think that solo travel is the only way to go – while others think it makes the scary endeavor of traveling even more intimidating. No matter which camp you find yourself in, we’ve got tips in this section that will help make your solo travel experience the best it can be.

One key to remember is that while you may not be traveling with anyone on the same exact itinerary or schedule, you’re not the only traveler out there who’ll be visiting the cities you’re planning to visit. In other words, you may have more time to yourself than someone on a group tour would have, but you’re unlikely to be alone – unless, of course, you want to be!

You’ll find articles here about the perks to traveling solo, a few methods to beat loneliness on the road, staying safe when there’s no one else to look out for you, and some ways to meet other travelers. If you think we’re missing something here, please send us a note and let us know – and if you’ve got a solo travel tip or personal story from your solo trip you want to share, please write it up and send it in!