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Spa Travel Guide

by BootsnAll

Not all travel is about roughing it, or even about spending as little money as possible. Sometimes travel is about treating yourself to a little bit of luxury as a reward for working so hard. Or at least that’s what you can tell yourself when you’re plonking down all that money for your spa retreat.

Spa travel is big business, and although it may not be a way of life for most of the travelers we know, taking the time out of a busy schedule for a relaxing spa weekend now and then is a great idea. Even a day-trip spent at the spa will help you recharge your batteries, as they say, and offer you a calming alternative to your otherwise frantic life.

Choosing a spa can be as easy as finding the one that’s closest to you with an opening on your day off to spending hours researching the various treatments and perks offered by each spa in the far-flung locations of your choice. There are spas – or places that offer spa treatments – all over the world, so you’re certainly not limited by destinations.

In this section, you’ll find information about spa etiquette, some general tips about choosing a spa, and other online resources you might find useful. And, as always, if you think we’re missing something in this section, please let us know!