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Space Travel Guide

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of space travel was still a little (forgive us) out there. But with celebrities and other fabulously wealthy people paying downtrodden space programs for a quick trip into the stratosphere, and with space travel dreamers like Sir Richard Branson on the hunt for the easiest way to make space tourism affordable, the idea is becoming significantly more mainstream with every passing year.

Space travel is still something that only a few can afford or arrange for themselves, and is likely to remain that way for some time, but even if you can’t dream about going into orbit on your own, you can certainly think about the possibility for your kids and grandkids!

So, as long as space travel remains a dream for all but the privileged few, you might as well kick back and read our articles about space travel which are linked below. And if you’re still feeling the itch to travel after you’ve read them, you can always book a normal plane ticket to someplace on earth just like everyone else.