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Specialty Travel Gear

For those of you who are planning anything but the average vacation, you may have a few specialty travel gear items on your “must buy” list. Biking through Mexico? Skiing in the Alps? Rock climbing in Thailand? Camping in Australia? All those things require special travel gear that you may want to think about bringing with you – especially if these activities will take up enough of your trip that renting them on-location would be prohibitively expensive.

In this section, you’ll read about how to find the right sleeping bag for your camping trip, how to pick the right pair of ski boots, and how to make sure your tent lasts forever. We’re continually expanding on our list of articles here, so be sure to check back – and if you’ve got something you want to say on this subject, either because we’ve skipped something you think is important or because you’ve got some wisdom you want to share, please send us a note!