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Submitting Articles to Theme Guides

When it comes to getting ready for a trip, more and more people turn to the Internet. However, with all the web sites out there, we at BootsnAll decided to put together a collection of resources that we call Theme Guides. Theme Guides are where travellers can find, all in one place, the resources and information they need to plan an upcoming trip.

Why should that matter to you? Because in addition to collections of links for various travel resources, we also include individual pieces and entire sections that come from some of the best travel resources anywhere: you.

Theme guides contain stories that aren’t as geographically focused as regular BootsnAll travel stories, and that also are more informative, or anecdotal, or just bloody funny. Our writers have contributed stories on everything from understanding the Euro to laughing at stereotypical travellers to explaining the new trend in round-the-world trips. Plus, writers do not need to contribute on a regular basis.

What else do we look for in Theme Guide articles? Just a few things:

  • Title. Every story needs a title, so please provide one. Untitled stories are like unnamed children.
  • Photos are welcome and encouraged.
  • Length. We prefer stories that are under 3,000 words in length. If you have a longer story, consider breaking it up into a series of shorter articles.
  • Information. Articles published in Theme Guides need to give information. How doesn’t matter. Some people outline the wisdom they’ve gained over years or decades of traveling; others do research and send in what they come up with; some just want to give the reader a laugh – but no matter how the writers go about it, these articles help the reader learn just a little something else about that particular aspect of travel.

Make sense? Ok, then you’re ready to submit.