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Teaching Abroad Guide

One of the easiest ways to experience life in another culture for a year or two is to get a job teaching abroad. Most of the time, this means teaching English – but that’s not always the case, so even if you’re not certified to teach English or if English isn’t your native language don’t assume you’re out of luck already. There are more teaching opportunities out there than you might think.

You might wonder why “teaching abroad” got its own section, when there’s a “work abroad guide” here as well. The truth is that while many people get paid to teach abroad, not every teaching gig is actually a paid job – some of them are strictly volunteer work, and many of those are pay-to-volunteer situations. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these jobs, it’s just that you’ll want to know up front whether the jobs you’re looking at will pay you or will cost you.

In this section, we’ve got information about all kinds of teaching opportunities around the world. Most of the articles in this section are about teaching English, because that’s what most of the jobs involve, but you’ll find other subjects on some of the other websites we’ve linked to from this section. There are also first-hand anecdotal stories here, written by people who have worked as teachers in foreign countries. If you’d like to share your own teaching abroad story with us, we’d love to hear it – and if you think there’s an aspect of teaching abroad that we’re missing here, please let us know!