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Tech Travel Gear Guide

by BootsnAll

Let’s face it, one of the fun parts of traveling in the 21st century is the collection of cool travel gadgets you can get these days that make travel not only more fun, but easier as well. How much extra luggage space would all those rolls of film take up if you hadn’t made the move to a digital camera? How unbearable would that long flight be (the one with the screaming kid in the seat behind you) if you didn’t have an iPod to comfort you? How much writer’s cramp would you have to endure to keep an old-school travel journal if you didn’t have a little travel-friendly laptop computer? Really, there’s just no end to the benefits of traveling with technology.

Or is there?

While some of us can’t imagine leaving the tech travel gear at home, others see travel as a chance to get away from all those things that blink and beep. So we’re presenting a little bit of both sides of the tech argument here. Yes, you’ll find lots of information about cool travel tech gear in this section, but you’ll also find a few dissenting voices that may make you think twice about buying that new toy.

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