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Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Family

Traveling in a group – especially with a family that includes younger children – can be especially trying. There are lots of things to consider: can you get seats together on the plane? Are those hostels Paris France considers non-smoking really smoke free? How will you get the picky eater to try new food? Although there aren’t easy answers to many of these issues, there are a number of small things that can make your trip that much easier.

In the Air: Since children cannot operate emergency doors, request bulkhead seats for some extra leg room and a spot for the children to play. These seats are at the front of the plane and are popular so make sure to make your reservation the minute you book. If it is too early to request an assignment, mark down the day you can call in your planner and do it promptly.

On the Ground: Arrange for car rentals in advance. Request a car seat if you need one. There are few things worse than long waits at the airport with cranky, jet lagged children tugging on your sleeve, crying to go home.

Where you Sleep: Look for accommodation that allows you to sleep together. This doesn’t mean you need to have a expensive hotel room. A private room at a hostel will usually save you money. Hostels in London and other large cities sometimes offer ‘family rooms’ that cater to those with younger children.

Where you Eat: Many hostels offer their guests kitchens that allow you to cook, as do private apartment rentals. If you prefer to eat out, bring along some snacks that you know the children will eat if they don’t like the local food. Cut down on expenses by doing a small grocery shop early on in your trip.