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Travel for Seniors: Organized Tours

People who say that seniors aren’t travelers are the same ones who think ‘extensive overseas travel’ includes backpackers whose only experience out of their home country consists of 6 weeks in Europe upon graduation. Although some intrepid senior travelers continue to throw their packs on their backs, stay in a hostel in Paris France or a tent in backwoods Alaska, many prefer to take some of the hassle out of planning and go on an organized tour or event. There are a number of companies that cater to this booming market. The most popular are Elderhostel and Eldertreks.

Elderhostel has been around for 30 years and travels to locations around the world. Program participants stay in a variety of accommodations, depending on where they are traveling. Trips through England might stay in a hostel UK London, while another tour in America’s heartlands may find a country inn more appropriate. Programs are not limited to one country – travelers may book tours that travel to multiple destination.

Eldertreks has been in the business for 19 years and focuses on travelers 50 years of age or older (Elderhostel serves the plus 55 market). Eldertreks emphasizes ‘exotic’ travel through Africa and Asia but still offers a number of tours to European staples like Italy. A neat feature is that when searching Eldertreks, you can look for programs by region, land or sea, price or activity level.

If you’re looking for an organized program with other seniors, you’ll find these companies go just about everywhere you will.