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Travel Gear Links

Below you will find links to sites that offer useful information on the stuff you’ll be taking with you on the road, from backpacks to camping equipment to hiking boots to quick-dry clothing to money belts. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, please contact BootsnAll with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Travel Gear Blog
Rants and reviews on all things travel gear – in English, not gear-geek.

BootsnAll Travel Gear Store
We don’t just tell you about travel gear, we help you buy your very own.

All the gear you need for life outdoors or on the road.

Artisan Gear
One-stop shop for all hemp travelling gear.

Uses smart fabrics for everything from waterproofing to UV protection to, we swear, insect repulsion. How’s that for handy?

Eagle Creek
Awesome backpacks and travel accesories.

Travel Accessories at
For all the little extras.

Folding Kayaks FAQ
And no, it is not a "collapsible canoe," but it is a great way to haul around a kayak. At the bottom is contact info for manufacturers.

Le Travel Store
Travel gear for independent travelers.

Luggage Online
Limited range of backpacks (as well as everything else). They will pay shipping on some orders.
Everything you need for the outdoors, and a cool company too.
Check regularly for quality gear marked down like mad.

High quality (and usually, priced) gear and their site had some great photos.

Mountain Hardwear
These guys left Sierra Designs to do, well, outdoor stuff. Is it better than SD or The North Face? You decide.

Sierra Designs
They’ve been around for ages, and they can outfit your entire trip.

The North Face
Gear for hardcore adventurers and day-hikers, and everything in between.

Sierra Trading Post
Find deals on last season’s travel clothing and gear.

Not just boots. They also have gear and clothing.

If you’re looking for sandals, this is the place for you.
World class reviews on hiking, trekking, mountaineering and adventure travel gear.

Swiss Army Products
For more than just knives.