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Travel Jobs Guide

Lots of travelers we know always seem to be on the lookout for something that seems as elusive as the holy grail – a job that lets them travel. Often. And we’re not talking about a life where you keep a job until you’ve earned enough money to quit and travel, only to return home and get another job. We’re talking about jobs in which one of the requirements is travel – and a lot of it. We’re happy to report that jobs like this do exist, and they can be perfect for avid travelers – so long as you don’t mind not having complete control over where you’re going.

You’ll find information here about working on a cruise ship, as well as a hilarious article written by two former flight attendants. We’re still adding to this section, and hope to include more information about more travel jobs here eventually, so be sure to check back with us. And if you’ve got a killer travel job that you want to tell other people about, we’d love to hear your story!