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Vegetarian & Vegan Links

The world is more veg-friendly than you might think, but even where it is not, vegan and vegetarian travelers, and those just trying to be more eco-friendly in general, have come together to provide books, organizations and other resources to help you keep your homegrown beliefs while away from home. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, send us an email with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

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Vegetarian USA
Free US city and state guides for vegetarian restaurants, natural food stores, co-ops, organic farms, and even yoga retreats.

Vegetarial Travel to Eastern Europe
10 survival tips for vegetarians who are traveling to the meat-heavy lands of Eastern Europe.

Latin American Vegetarian Resources
Restaurants and health food stores for many Latin American countries. A partial listing, but one that hopefully will grow.

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Guides & Travel Info

Books & Guides
The black-and-white on being and travelling green.

Vegan Boots
Search for the ultimate vegan boots (and other footwear) online – plus recipes (not for shoes), belts, wallets and other products.

Vegetarian Phrases in World Languages
It’s as easy as choosing your native language, then the language of your destination. Some of the examples have sound files, too.

Vegetarian Phrases in Other Languages
Talking the talk to help you get only the eats you want to eat.
Find recipes, and also search or veg restaurants around the world. Also has lists of discussion boards, chat rooms, mailing lists and other links.

Happy Cow’s Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants
As the name says, it’s a site where you can search for vegetarian dining around the world, as well as natural food stores. Also includes recipes & health tips, and they’ve got their own travel section as well.

Vegetarian & Health Food Restaurants
Primarily for the U.S., but also some listings for the rest of the world. Also lists links for health food and veg companies, as well as sites on animal rights and food safety.

Vegetarian Vacations
Resources for “staying a veggie on your travels,” from dining guides to language guides to veggie travel agents.

Vegetarian Travel and Restaurants
Bulletin boards, veg guides for U.S. cities, restaurant surveys, books, articles, other guides, even a vegetarian travel specialist – VRG helps suss out your veg travel needs.

Vegan Traveller
Boards, guides and articles on this growing site include restaurant reviews and tips for eating vegan abroad.
Online guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world.

Vegetarians Abroad
Links to hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and other businesses that specialize in catering to vegetarians & vegans.

Latin American Vegetarian Resources
Restaurants and health food stores for many Latin American countries. A partial listing, but one that hopefully will grow.

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General Veg

Pangea Vegan Products
From Maryland, USA, Pangea researches and sells strictly vegan products. Order online, from around the world.

Veganism for the Meat Eater
A vegan and a carnivore fall in love. Then they go out to dinner. How do you keep the peace? Create a web site, that’s how. Not as much travel content, but tops for info on all things vegan.

International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
The century-old IVU promotes vegetarianism worldwide, and its site is multi-lingual.

Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
One of the web’s best resources for all things vegetarian. Also has a great and informative travel section.
News, recipes and other resources for vegetarians and vegans, as well as info and links on animal rights, online shopping and the environment.

Founded by people in the TV industry who pooled their knowledge to put together this all-video site that promotes the meatless lifestyle. Very cool.

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Tour Companies

Green Earth Travel
Since 1991, Green Earth assists with accommodation, transport and activities for “those who desire to maintain their healthy and sane lifestyle while adventuring throughout the world.”

Veg Voyages
As they say, it’s “adventure – the vegetarian way.” They specialize in vegetarian & vegan adventures in select Asian countries.

Bicycle Beano
UK-based company offering cyclings holidays in Wales and England that are suited for all, but targeted for vegetarians.

Arranges natural health holidays in Britain, Peru and Turkey, with lots of activities and healthy, veg cuisine.

Organic Tuscany
Eco-friendly cooking vacations in the heart of Italy, with some vegetarian courses & some that are vegetarian-friendly.

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