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Volunteer Abroad Links

There’s more to travel than tipple and photos – but you can still do those things, and help your fellow man too. Sometimes it’s just nice to flex your altruistic muscles, and volunteer and non-profit organizations, such as the ones below, are the way to go. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, please contact BootsnAll with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Go Overseas – Volunteer Abroad
Helpful reviews of more volunteer programs than you can shake a stick at.Cosmic Volunteers
US-based non-profit that has volunteer programs in China, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Nepal, Guatemala, Peru, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Volunteer Abroad
Part of the empire, this site can help you find information about volunteer opportunities all over the world – and you can search not just by location but also by the kind of volunteer work you’re looking for.

Global Crossroad
Operating in 24 countries around the world, this organization can hook you up with volunteer vacations as short as two weeks.

Work as a volunteer teacher in developing countries; the company was founded by some Harvard students in 1986, and has programs in several countries that are either for the summer or an entire year.

Council Exchanges Teach Abroad
You can teach in several countries around the world with the help of Council Exchanges.
Search over 20,000 nonprofit and volunteer organizations in over 150 countries, to find where and how you can best contribute.

Global Volunteers
Join the teams of volunteers who participate in short-term human and economic development projects worldwide.

An organization that places individuals and groups in service-based academic or experiential programs in Peru, Mexico, India, Thailand, and Belize.


Volunteer Latin America
Provide information on free and low cost volunteer work in Central and South America. Also provide referrals to Spanish and Portuguese language schools.Peace Corps
Restricted to Americans, but a great way to learn about new cultures, languages and customs – not to mention making a meaningful contribution to your assigned location.

Founded in 2002, the Senegalese Association of United Volunteers promotes “community tourism” to benefit local communities economically.

Cross-Cultural Solutions
Gets individuals involved with solving global issues, including health care, education and community development. There are international volunteer programs in 12 countries, with start dates year-round, and lengths-of-stay from 1-12 weeks.

Global Volunteer Network
NZ-based program places people in community aid projects, from environmental work to cultural home stays, in 21 countries.

VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas)
This UK-based international development charity works with volunteers to improve conditions in communities in 74 countries. Placements are usually for two years, but can be as short as one month.

Volunteer Programs in Latin America
This organization has programs in several countries in Latin America, and while you’re volunteering you’ll also get to learn Spanish. The programs are a minimum of eight weeks long.

International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA)
An alliance of NGOs, IVPA functions both as a guide to people who are thinking about doing volunteer work abroad and also a resource to find out what NGOs are members of the organization.