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Volunteering Abroad: Ideal Times and Places

Different volunteer agencies have programs that range from three months to two years. In Global Service Corps, for example, you pay to volunteer for usually around three to six months. They help set up everything you’ll need (including a three or four week introductory tour!) in the country. Plus, you’ll get to choose an area you want to visit and let them know what an ideal host family situation would be. Other programs, such as World Teach, usually last around a year. Yet, others last around two years or more, such as the Peace Corps in the United States. Check out the possibilities from your government, especially if you live in what is considered a well-off (first world) country.

Here are some possible websites to explore: – (of course!) – a site offering plenty of going abroad options, mainly for studying abroad, though (discussed in another travel guide further). – another great site for those looking for volunteer or work positions abroad. – for US citizens, a governmental two-year program, plus three months of in country intense cultural and language training. I spent my Peace Corps in Morocco, Africa. – another great resource for those wanting to volunteer (through teaching) abroad. They are soon offering World Teach Scholarships for experienced teachers where they’ll pay for your stay! – an excellent program for those just beginning their travel adventures. There are volunteer, internship, and smaller programs available. – an excellent personalized program for your volunteer experience abroad while living with a host family. They have been around for years and I personally started by travels abroad with this program. – a sort of portal for traveling and volunteering abroad programs. Volunteer in Thailand or Costa Rica or any other country! – offers internships and volunteer opportunities abroad.