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Volunteering Abroad Guide

Some vacations are just about kicking back, lying on a beach, gazing in awe at world-class art, or enjoying the local delicacies. But when you want to come home with more than just a few souvenirs or photographs – when you want to come home with the knowledge that you’ve given something back to the place you just visited – then a volunteer vacation could be just the thing for you.

There are just about as many kinds of volunteer vacation as there are people who take them, so it doesn’t matter what interests you have or what part of the world you want to visit – there is bound to be something that appeals to you. Whether it’s teaching English, cleaning up after a natural disaster, lending a hand in an orphanage, or helping on an archaeological dig – the possibilities are nearly endless.

In this section, you’ll find stories from people who have worked abroad as volunteers, and general information about volunteering abroad, including a couple answers to the question of why you’d have to pay to be a volunteer. You’ll also find links to some great online resources for organizations that specialize in volunteer vacations so you can shop around and find the best situation for your circumstances. If you think we’re missing something critical in this section, please send us an email to let us know!