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Web Tools

Some tools – such as a hammer or screwdriver – are considered indispensable, and they are a staple of any toolbox. Some online resources are just as invaluable. You’ll find them listed below – things like online storage, web-based email and a top-notch search engine. Do you know a site that should be here? If so, please contact BootsnAll with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

Web Email
Yahoo! Mail

A must-have for the indie traveler: you can check web-based email from anywhere, and forward other email accounts to one address. Each service offers different features – such as custom content pages or non-English languages.


All the web storage you never knew you needed. Xdrive’s personal online hard drive lets you store and access important files. Save, say, a text file containing flight confirmation numbers, or images of your scanned-in passport ID page.

Currency Converter

Money, money, money. Find out what’s what in the world’s currencies, and even compare rates and exchanges for different days, to see how values fluctuate over time.


This handy site provides info on just about anything. Look up any place in the world, or use the "World Newspaper" section to check the local paper. For other topics, an alphabetical list links to pages with everything related to that topic.


If it’s outdoor or adventure travel, if it’s clothing or gear, if it’s tips and advice on the outdoors, on activities, and what you need for them all, then REI’S got it covered. Kit yourself out with all the gear you need for your next trip or outdoor adventure.