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Why Students Shouldn’t Travel in Western Europe

Although many students are drawn to travel in Western Europe due to societal support and acceptance, historical nostalgia and the easy introduction to traveling abroad, there are some reasons to consider putting another region of the world on your list instead.

Been There, Done That: The route that backpackers take in Europe is pretty predictable – one major city to the next, stay a few days to drink and see the sights in each one. People stay in the same hostel in London England when they arrive and meet up again at the same hostel in Paris. They are surrounded by English-speaking travelers and tend to travel in groups, insulating themselves from the outside culture as much as possible.

Prices: Western Europe is extraordinarily expensive. Backpackers will find their budgets – and options – extremely limited. Part of the fun of traveling is being able to eat out occasionally, try new things and buy local products. If items are so expensive that you can’t buy a dinner without having to sacrifice your next three lunches, it’s not worth the hassle.

Too Easy: Some travelers have complained that Europe is ‘too easy’ and too closely related to being in their home country. These travelers seek out instances where they experience culture shock, are faced with large language barriers and must overcome daily challenges. Young adults who feed off of these situations may discover that travel in Europe is a disappointment.

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