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Wine and Grape Sauce for Chicken or Pork

An adaptation of a French style of sauce, this is delicious with any kind of white meat.

You will need:

100g of butter
4 tablespoons plain flour
2 glasses of rose or white wine
10 large white grapes, depipped
lemon peel from one lemon, cut into strips and then cut up again
1 glass fresh salted chicken stock or 1.5 glasses of water with large chicken stock cube broken into it.

Lightly cook the lemon peel in very small amount of oil.

Put butter into pan, heat, melt. When it is melted, add plain flour and stir until it thickens into a roux; add the first glass of wine, stir, until it thickens again, add the lemon peel and the next glass of wine, stir again, add chicken stock, stir.

While this is cooking, you take your ten grapes and with some of the sauce (not too much), add to the blender and whizz. Then pour this mixture back into the sauce and stir.

After about another two or three minutes, you have a sauce. You might want to remove the lemon peel, as some people don’t like eating this.