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Resources to Meet Other Travelers

So much of the fun of travel is meeting new people and hooking up with old mates. When traveling, people also have different interests and needs, from the elderly to the gay and lesbian traveler. Below are links to sites that help travelers interact with one another. If you’ve found a site that you think should be included here, send us an email with the URL and a short description of why it’s helpful.

A blog is like an online travel journal as well as an ongoing conversation that anyone can join, anytime – and these are some places to find great travel blogs to keep you inspired when you’re not traveling, or to help you do research before your trip.

Message & Discussion Boards
Have a question about travel? Trying to find a traveling companion? Just want to chinwag? There’s a discussion board out there for you.

Clubs, Communities & Networks
Like minds and kindred spirits come together. Whatever your interest, there’s probably a travel society that shares it.

Vegan & Vegetarian Travelers
Travel doesn’t mean you have to revert to carnivorous ways. Learn how to stay veg on the road.

Women Travelers
There are many organizations and resources out there that address the needs, interests and concerns of the female traveler.

Gay & Lesbian Travelers
Resources, information and organizations useful to the gay or lesbian indie traveler.