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Student Travel Resources

Being a student who dreams of traveling might seem like it would be frustrating – it’s the last time in your life when you’ll be virtually guaranteed to have big blocks of time off, but it’s also a time when you’re likely to have little to no income to spend on anything but school. But you’ve heard about students just like you – students without trust funds – who still manage to travel during their summers or during year-long breaks they take from school. How do they do it?

In our experience, much of the difference between students who travel and students who don’t is a willingness to do whatever it takes to travel. You’ve got to not only be willing to work extra hours to build up your travel coffers, but you’ve also got to be creative about how to make your trip work out and how to spend your hard-earned money in the wisest ways. That’s where Student Travel Resources comes in. It’s a great way to help save you the stress of finding the best trip-booking links, because they’re all gathered together in one place.

On the Student Travel Resources website, you’ll find information about the top destinations students tend to visit, links to Spring Break and summer vacation resources, places where you can research and book hostels and travel deals, and comparison pages for the different Eurail passes you can buy. Plus, if you’ve got time for a longer trip, you can check out the prices for round-the-world airline tickets and start really dreaming big.

Other sites you should definitely look at for student travel information are: