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Useful Links for the Lone Traveler

The sites below offer advice for both men and women seeking to travel on their own. (For more info specifically for the ladies, see our Women’s Travel Guide.)

  • Debunking Travel Myths
    We originally put this list up with the round-the-world traveler in mind, but we think you’ll find that many of them are totally applicable for the solo traveler, regardless of the duration of the trip.
  • Going Solo
    Anita Culp has traveled the world, mostly on her own – and she ain’t gonna stop anytime soon.
  • Women Travel Tips
    Pretty self-explanatory, huh? Travel on business, with your family, and on your own, more safely and securely.
  • Gutsy Women Travel
    From travel writer Marybeth Bond, author of the book Gutsy Women, tips and tours for the female traveler.
  • Travel Tips: Solo Travel
    Travel writer Mark Maxon also goes more in-depth on the pros and cons of traveling with others.

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