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What is solo travel?

by BootsnAll

Solo travel: loosely defined, is embarking on a trip – with no specific requirements as to time or place – by yourself, with the option of continuing solo for the duration of the journey.

This last part – “with the option of continuing solo for the duration of the journey” – is probably the most important. Traveling solo does not mean that you will spend every moment in some form of solitary confinement, with no companionship or hope for someone to pass the hour with. On the contrary, solo travel is – ironically enough – one of the best ways to meet people on the road. Travelers often tell us that traveling solo has been the best way for them to meet locals and travelers. Why? Because when you’re alone, you’re easier to approach, as opposed to, say, a big group of backpackers herding about everywhere.

Solo travel isn’t easy. No one else is there to look out for you, or to motivate you, or to help relieve you a little when things are frustrating or you aren’t feeling well. There are challenges; but travel itself is a challenge – and no matter what, it’s better to go and find out for yourself than to just stay home and watch TV, right?

(Hint: The answer is yes.)

Solo travel

  • challenges you because it’s totally up to you to make your trip happen
  • can help you meet people and make new friends, which might not have happened in a group or even a couple of people
  • is a chance to do exactly what you want to do on your trip, without having to consider or compromise with someone else
  • keeps you even more flexible for those little unplanned, impossible-to-foresee opportunities that make travel so memorable and worthwhile

If you’re reading this, it means you’re at least toying with the idea of a solo trip. So if you need more convincing, be sure to read the other articles in our Solo Travel Guide. And if you’re hoping to convince a skeptical family member or friend, there’s stuff in those articles you can use to do that as well!