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Work Abroad Guide

Perhaps you’re in the middle of a RTW trip, but you’ve stopped in one place for awhile to replenish your dwindling bank account so you can get back on the road. Perhaps you’ve gotten the opportunity for a transfer to your company’s foreign office. Perhaps you’re a traveler who wants to put down roots – you just don’t want them to be on home soil. For you, we’ve created this section all about working abroad.

Work abroad can take many different forms, so it almost doesn’t matter what your skill set is – you probably have at least one transferable skill that an employer in another country would be happy to pay you for. Of course, some countries are harder to find work in than others, so if your main goal is to work in another country and you aren’t picky about the “where” of it, you may be better off… But if it absolutely, positively has to be a particular country, that’s okay, too – you might just have to work a little harder to achieve your goals.

This section covers many of the topics under the heading of “working abroad,” but we’ve made teaching abroad its own special section. If you find that we’ve skipped over something you think should be covered here, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note and tell us about it!